“Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration. All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having its own function and character, contributes to the whole.”


Everything is vibrating!

When the natural flow of the energetic body is disrupted, stress occurs that lead to different types of health conditions and may cause emotional imbalance, physical pain, or mental fog.

With a simple meditation using sacred instruments like the Himalayan singing bowls and a Flower of Life gong, we can strengthen our heart-brain coherence and sense of well-being. The emitted harmonic sound and vibration have the ability to shift the brainwaves from beta, the most active, to alpha, theta,  and delta, where we begin to relax and let go, thus triggering our self-healing mechanisms.

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